Learning Needs

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St Helen’s RC Primary School is committed to providing a fully inclusive education that meets every child’s needs. We support children fully in order to reach their potential and consider carefully each child’s progress regularly to ensure strategies are put into place in order to help overcome any potential barriers.


Our excellent facilities mean that we are able to offer provision to a very wide range of children and we are proud to be an inclusive school that caters for children of all abilities.

All of our staff understands the importance of catering for children’s individual needs, promoting self-esteem and ensuring the child’s wellbeing. We recognise that many pupils will have additional or different needs at some time during their school life and we work with both internal and external agencies in order to provide the best level of care.

All children have full access to the National Curriculum within their own class and, where necessary, through individual and small group support. We are aware of the importance of early identification of additional learning needs. Mrs Sellick, the school’s Additional Learning Needs Coordinator, is available to offer more support and information to families where needed.