Childrens Senedd

Our department spent time learning about what a curriculum is and looking at why Wales is changing the current curriculum.

  • We prepared an assembly for KS2 pupils explaining the 4 PURPOSES of the new curriculum and about the 6 new Areas of Learning (AOLEs).

  • We designed posters which explain the 4 purposes of the new of the curriculum in simple terms, for children to understand. These are now displayed in our classrooms.

  • We talked about the importance of ‘pupil voice’ and how the children themselves will help construct the learning in their own classrooms.

  • Our next job is to over-see the design of our school ‘Purpose Pals’; to help all of us embed the 4 Purposes in our lessons. We are hoping this will be a competition for all pupils to join in with.

  • Our group worked so well together with such enthusiasm; with difficult concepts and subject matter. I’m really looking forward to what the next phase brings...


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