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Childrens Senedd

Our Health and Wellbeing Senedd Group supports and develop new ways to make sure all our children in school are healthy and happy inside and out.

In the Autumn Term 2019 we focused on Food and Fitness. We researched balanced diets and created posters to support our ‘Healthy LunchBox Campaign.’ We published our chosen poster on our Twitter page and is displayed in our School Entrance Corridor. We started to think of different ways and options to get children to participate in daily fitness. Lots of ideas were discussed. We were inspired by Joe Wicks ‘The Body Coach’ workouts and ‘The Daily Mile’. We started creating our own workouts and we were hoping that this will year we will be able to embed these types of daily fitness into our daily routine.

We believe in supporting every child in the school. Our ‘Play Leaders’ in Year 5 and 6 develop our younger learners relationships and teach them to play games cooperatively at play time. We support children who are feeling sad or lonely by always being available at the ‘Buddy Stop’ on the Yard.

Going Forward
Before Lockdown, we were going to look further into Hygiene and how to keep ourselves safe, healthy and happy. We look forward to finding out more! We also want to acknowledge, educate and develop awareness about anti-bullying and mental health on awareness days this year!

Department of Health & Wellbeing


Use the below link to access our most up to date projects

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