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Childrens Senedd

The children who are in the Chaplaincy group take responsibility for a variety of areas – such as Mini-Vinnies, Parish/Community Links and CAFOD appeals. The children also try to ensure that the Pupil Profile virtues are promoted and reflected upon regularly in all classes.

Last Year, during the autumn term the group created posters to advertise Family Fast day and in their role as Mini-Vinnies they created Christmas gifts that were given to the parishoners of St Helens. (We made and decorated candle holders in the form of advent wreaths.)

To ensure the school was taking a full part in our call to celebrate The Year of the Word – God who Speaks, the group members asked their classes to use the Wednesday Word as a focus for class reflection each week.

During the spring term the group began preparations for the CAFOD Lenten appeal. They helped present the theme of the appeal – What’s my goal? - during a school assembly and they made posters that the classes used to collect donations.

Department of Chaplaincy


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