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Childrens Senedd

The department of Communication is the department of the Senedd responsible for considering various aspects of communication throughout the school. There are four main types of communication: verbal, non-verbal, written and visual, but the main purpose of all communication is to give information, to obtain information and to exchange ideas.

The Senedd department considers communication between all stakeholders: pupils, teachers and staff, governors, the parish and the wider community. Ways to develop communication between these groups can be improved and this is an important part of the department’s work.

Past Department of Communication activities have included playing games to demonstrate the importance of verbal communication, considering the viability of a pupils’ newspaper – suggesting content and trialling reports and fact files and finally, a the first steps to introduce a new language to the student body.

Our world depends and functions on the exchange and relay of information and the building of relationships; therefore, communication is a vital life skill.

Department of Communication


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